5 The Best And Most Affordable Way To Hire A Car In Delhi, India

1. Skip the airport

When arriving in a new city by plane, be sure not to rent a car there. In some local agency from Delhi, you can hire a vehicle.

For a Memorial Day trip to India, Oregon, we learn about the approximate total travel percentage costs in March. If you pick up your economy rental downtown, it will cost you 1500 INR per day. If you pick up the same car at the airport, it costs more than 2800 INR per day. Plus you’ll pay a 500 INR per day “Customer Facility Charge” and 10% “Concession Recovery Fee” for renting at the airport.

By choosing to rent from a location other than the airport, you could save a total of about 6500 INR during your three-day weekend in India. Though not in every city, this is the case. Rent at Mumbai’s Shivaji International Airport is almost the same as what it would be outside of the airport.

Compare prices between various city-based car rental in Delhi locations and those offered at the airport. If you rent somewhere other than the airport, be sure to account for the cost of a taxi or a rental car to get there and back. Additionally, consider the time wasted in India-style city traffic.

2. Shop around online

Consider visiting websites like Real Tours India, Tempo Travellers, carrentalindiadelhi.com, and Car Hire in Delhi to Car On Rent in Delhi to compare your options and zero in on the best offer.

then go straight to the website of the car rental company in Delhi. You might find an even steeper discount that way, particularly with “Pay On Arrival” options. Just keep in mind that prepaying for rentals usually results in nonrefundable fees; for this reason, consider Car Rental India Delhi.

Continue looking even after making a reservation; if you find a better deal, you can cancel.

3. Seek out cheap rental cars

There are other businesses besides Real Tours India, Tempo Travellers, and Car Rental India. Discount rental companies like Advantage, Payless, Thrifty, and INR Rental are also competing for your business, frequently at a lower price than well-known rental companies.

According to our research, depending on the city, the cheapest rental from Advantage, INR, and similar companies was at least 650 INR less expensive than the cheapest premium brand rental on a given day. Over longer distances, those savings increase.

4. Opt for economy cars

The least expensive and, consequently, most frequently reserved vehicles are economy cars. With the help of a family finance expert, you can benefit from this.

“I always reserve the smallest, least expensive vehicle when renting a car because I know there’s a chance it won’t be available and I’ll get a better one.

Just be careful not to reserve a vehicle that is too small for your group; otherwise, you might end up having to squeeze five people plus luggage into a Toyota Innova Car, ten people plus luggage into a Tempo Traveller, and eighteen people plus luggage into a luxury minibus. Not exactly the relaxing getaway you had in mind, is it?

5. Stick to one driver

You will typically have to pay a daily fee to add an additional driver at the rental car company. The cost varies depending on the location, but is typically 500 INR per day with Enterprise and Indian Car Rental India Delhi and 500 per day with Budget and Real Tours India.

But there are ways to avoid paying the fee. You and your domestic partner must both have the same address listed on your driver’s licenses for some companies, like Enterprise, to waive the additional driver fee.

Coworkers who rent under their employers’ corporate account and are traveling together are also exempt from paying the fee, according to Budget.

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