Fishing rod vs. car battle

Obviously a valuable tool for an angler, your fishing rod needs to be cared for and protected. This entails protecting it from your vehicle’s predator’s jaws.

A war between two groups was started long ago in a parallel universe, and it has now spread to our world. The two categories are, of course, the fishing rods and the wheels-equipped vehicles. When the two are in the same basic area, negative things appear to occur.

The car or truck and the fishing rod are inherently hostile. Anyone who enjoys fishing understands that this is simply untrue. The fishing rod is typically thought of as an inanimate object. What happens if you lean a fishing rod against a car? It sways until it starts to fall to one side. Naturally, this leaves a nice scratch in the car’s paint. The fishing rods are successful!

Not much better is your car or truck. The fishing rod’s natural predator has evolved to make countless angles where it can bend, snap, or crush the rod. A truck or SUV’s tailgate is a classic. Who hasn’t rolled up their favorite rod’s window and snapped the end off? Who hasn’t slammed the tailgate shut only to hear the grumbling snap of the rod getting caught between the door hinge and body?

However, your car is also equipped with stealthy rod-hunting techniques. Its preferred method of attack is tossing the car out onto the highway quickly. This can only be done, of course, if you place the rod on top of the car and then completely forget about it. Usually, the car does this by concealing your keys. You finally decide to get in the car after a fruitless search, slam the door, start the engine, and drive off… with the rod lying on the roof.

There is only one way to resolve this dispute without spending money on replacement rods and paint-job repairs. When you get back to the car, you disassemble and store your rod. Otherwise, you take the chance!

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