Houston, Texas, and Katy, Texas: appliance maintenance and repair

I’m here again to stress the value of keeping your appliance maintained. Of course, it doesn’t matter what brand the appliance is (for instance, Whirlpool, Kenmore), these tips are for your refrigerator, ice maker, and dryer…

Make a schedule for maintaining your appliances to save time and money. Check your manual and do it yourself. The majority of people don’t even bother to read their appliance’s manual. If you don’t have your manual, you can try searching for it online or calling the company that made your appliance.

Maintenance tips

Ice Machines:

The kind of ice maker I’m referring to is a stand-alone ice maker. Kitchen Aid and Whirlpool are the main manufacturers… Water flows over an evaporator plate in this ice maker to form ice cubes. After some use, this plate needs to be cleaned, otherwise the ice block won’t drop into the cutting grid or will drop later than usual, which will cause issues with your appliance.

Your ice maker can be cleaned by using cleaner while it is in the clean mode to address this issue. Usually, the ice machine door has instructions for doing this. You can get a basic cleaning method from the cleaning bottle if it isn’t there. A nickel-saving cleaner is what I suggest. Please check your manual as usual. P.S. After cleaning, be sure to rinse the system with fresh water. This particular cleaner is acidic. Please contact an appliance expert if you don’t think you can handle this.


Do your clothes dry in the dryer too slowly? The outside vent is the first thing you need to check. Please exercise caution if you decide to do this yourself because some vents are situated on your roof. Some of them can be easily removed; they are situated on the exterior wall behind the dryer. Ask a potential repair service if they clean vents before hiring them; some appliance companies don’t.

Call a service provider for appliances if your vent is clear and you’re still experiencing the issue.


Clean condenser coils are a common requirement for refrigerators. These coils maintain the machine’s performance and keep the compressor cool, which helps you save money. If these coils are accessible from the front of the machine, you can purchase a coil brush cleaner to clean the condenser coils. Of course, check your manual for their location. To accomplish this, use the coil cleaning brush. Ask for a refrigerator coil cleaning brush at Lows or Home Depot, where you can typically purchase one.

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