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This is When Things Get Complicated

Imagine you are driving down the road when all of a sudden, another car slams into you. A few days later, you awaken in a hospital and must start your journey toward healing. On the other hand, picture yourself leaving a bar and driving down the street before colliding with another car. You are arrested and charged with DWI as soon as the police show up. You’re being loaded into the back of a police vehicle to be driven to the station while the other driver is being removed from their vehicle on a stretcher.

What’s the Next Step?

You will require the assistance of a specialist, whether you are the patient in the hospital or the person incarcerated in the local jail’s drunk tank. You need someone with legal expertise to assist you with your car accident and the pending DWI charges. A lawyer in Nassau who can effectively represent you and ensure that your case has the best outcome possible is the person you need. Your ability to win could depend entirely on your choice of attorney.

The Hospitalized Victim

It’s important that you file a claim that will fully cover everything you have experienced and will experience as a result of the accident. As the person who was run into, you might not believe you were at fault for the accident, which may be true. Your chosen legal counsel will be able to help you file claims for property damage, pain and suffering, personal injury, medical costs, lost wages, and any other benefits you might be eligible to receive as a result of the accident.

The Impaired Driver

You do need a lawyer who will fight for you even though the car accident is probably going to be seen as your fault and the addition of the DWI charges complicates things further. Make the right legal team in the Nassau region your team, and give them the reins. As the process continues, you might be surprised to find out more details about the accident and what caused it. Choosing the right attorney will, at the very least, help your case reach as close to a favorable outcome as you can hope for.

Which Team Should You Pick?

You must select the best attorney to represent you, whether you are the one in the hospital or incarcerated. The Monteleone & Siegel PLLC team can help you relax and know you’re in good hands in either situation. This legal group will take on your case and put forth the effort necessary to successfully resolve it on your behalf. Although the merits of each side’s case may ultimately differ, you must schedule a consultation right away and give this team the opportunity to start working for you.

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