Should They Charge You for Automotive Diagnostics if the issue is not resolved?

A common sign in auto repair shops states that the minimum service charge is at least a half-hour of shop time. However, you will be responsible for paying their minimal service fee if they are unable to duplicate the issue or issues. Many customers become incensed when they are paying for essentially nothing and feel cheated for that half-hour.

I see daily occurrences of both sides of this prevalent issue. The very expensive equipment used to diagnose your problems must first be purchased from the perspective of the shop owner. He must then pay the mechanic his hourly rate, failing which the mechanic might become irate and leave, leaving the shop owner without experienced help.

Another consideration is that the mechanic attends a technical school for two or more years and may even take some evening classes to stay current on the newest vehicles. The mechanic’s financial situation, in my opinion, is also on his mind.

But why pay for something that isn’t fixed or found now, from the perspective of the customer? People work very hard for their money and are not in the mood to just give it away. You might be irate if you pay for a half-hour of shop time and discover that the mechanics aren’t even working on your car but are instead letting their horse loose in the shop.

Remember that not all issues can be identified. comparable to the moment you enter a doctor’s office and meet the doctor. can not find your problem but he still has to charge you or your insurance company something

So the question of whether the auto repair shop should charge you if the issue is not discovered is still valid.

Locating a reputable shop with expertise in auto diagnosis is one way to solve this issue. You can ask your friends or family members for recommendations, or you can look for a busy store because that usually means the business is good and that’s why it’s so busy. Searching for a sign that says they employ ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) Technicians is another way to identify a trustworthy shop.

Once you locate that shop, the question of whether to pay for automotive repair diagnostics will be resolved. See my blog for more information on auto repair discounts. I shared my experiences there from my more than 25 years working as an auto mechanic.

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