To Fit Tightly, Truck Covers

Like car covers, a premium custom-fitted truck cover can shield your pickup from a variety of unfavorable insults to the body of your truck. Even if you regularly wash and polish your truck and keep it in a garage, without the added benefit of a truck cover, your finish can quickly deteriorate and your truck will quickly show its age. Let’s look at some benefits of owning a truck cover and what to look for when buying a high-quality item.

You’ll quickly learn that even one manufacturer can produce a variety of covers for the same truck model when choosing your truck cover. When it comes to protection from the elements, basic covers only provide some coverage; superior truck covers provide comprehensive coverage.

The following are some of the key features found in a high quality truck cover:

  • offers defense against the sun’s harmful and piercing rays.
  • withstands moisture, such as ice, snow, sleet, hail, and rain.
  • diverts airborne trash and/or prevents dings, scratches, and other unsightly marks from being made on the truck’s body.
  • reduces the chance that dirt, dust, and other irritants will damage your finish.
  • fully withstands bird droppings, tree sap, insect nests, feral cats, etc.
  • keeps curious onlookers from looking inside your truck to see what they can steal or rubbing up against the finish to see what they can steal.

    For a truly snug fit on your truck, the highest quality truck covers frequently include mirror pockets. The majority of covers are made of 1 to 4 layers of sturdy polypropylene, a thermoplastic polymer that is highly resistant to acid and chemical solvents; therefore, the more layers you have, the better your truck will be protected from each of the listed dangers.

    Pickup trucks kept in garages are still susceptible to having their finish damaged by dust and indoor pollution even though they are not constantly exposed to the same dangers as ones left outside. Many drivers garage their trucks in order to preserve the finish on them before covering them with a truck cover to provide the utmost protection.

    Prices for truck covers vary, but you can save money by buying one from a wholesaler who receives their supply directly from the manufacturer. By shopping online, you can avoid additional price markups from third parties, sometimes receive your cover shipped to you for free, and avoid third party markups.

    Your truck cover almost certainly has a warranty attached to it. For a fair price, you can count on your high-quality truck cover to offer excellent protection. Definitely a good investment.

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