Toilet Removal and Installation

Always stop the water supply as the first step. Except if you enjoy it, getting sprayed in the face with sewage water is the last thing you want to do. Whatever suits your fancy. The shutoff valve can be found on the wall or close to the toilet’s base. Turn it off to accomplish this.

The supply line must then be cut off. By unscrewing it, you can remove the supply line. A bucket should be positioned underneath to catch the stray drops of water.

You must then take the tank out of the ground. Remove and store the head in a safe location. By loosening the screws on the tank’s bottom, you can disconnect it by using a wrench. Straight up, lift it, and presto! Good to go!

Loosen the bolt caps located close to the base in order to remove the toilet. Rock the bowl back and forth with a sidekick.

There will probably be a ton of debris left behind after takeoff. To thoroughly clean all of the crevices, we advise using a putty knife and a brittle sponge.

It’s time to install your new one now that everything has been finished. Continue reading to find out more.

The bolts should first be placed close to the base’s side. The bowl will stay in place as a result.

At this point, you should turn the bowl upside down. With the tapered end facing the toilet, place the ring on the waste horn.

Incorporate the toilet base. Make sure the wax ring is securely fastened by applying pressure and rocking it back and forth. To ensure the greatest support, you must press it down firmly.

After the toilet is firmly in place, cover the closet bolts with bolt caps to ensure nothing sharp protrudes. Your self-harm will be prevented by doing this.

Once the bolts are through the bottom opening, you can finally secure the tank. Start lowering the tank once everything is perfectly straight, then tighten. Each one may be a little different because this process varies by brand.

Finally, activate the water supply. Check out how she reacts by giving that new beauty a flush. We’re hoping you didn’t omit a step. If so, double-check that everything is securely fastened and positioned before saying “Congratulations!” One of many things all men ought to know how to do is that you did it yourself.

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