Why Do We Pay What We Do for Money?


‘I don’t necessarily believe that you are holy, but Og Mandino once said, “I often wonder how you can go out so quickly when you come in so slowly.”

A very wise man, Og was.


What do you pay for money? One of the strangest commodities on earth, money has been the subject of countless authors and philosophers. What is it, and how does a human-instilled symbol in our society become the foundation of our very existence?

We have a long history of how money entered our lives, but that is not the focus of this article. The mystery is how we came to be so dependent on money, to the point where it was a matter of life and death.

Watch those who are motivated by a desire for money, or by greed. For cash, they will kill their fellow human beings without hesitation. For money, people will hurt others physically, lie, cheat, and commit fraud. Why is this?

Money is not a god, according to those of faith, and the Vatican is not just a shed. Rather, it is a significant, wealthy symbol that was constructed with—you guessed it—money. Every religious organization in the world is constantly pleading for more money—not more God.

Money is what makes wealthy nations wealthy. Poor nations lack money, which is why they are poor. Due to their wealth, rich people lead comfortable lives. Due to their lack of resources, the poor live in poverty.

Every day, people around the world perish from lack of access to proper medical care. Even though there is a lot of it available, for some strange reason, those who possess a lot of it are reluctant to part with what they have worked so hard to acquire. They covet their money; does it actually enslave them?

Governments everywhere are so desperate for funding that failing to pay your taxes could result in imprisonment. Theft of money can occasionally result in harsher punishments than crimes like rape that involve the physical abuse of a person. What’s wrong with the idea that a pedophile is more likely to spend time in prison than a thief?

Conflicts over money cause families to split apart.

What do lawyers sue for when they do so? *Not flour, but money. Without conscience, lawyers will sabotage businesses and other people for profit. (*A side note: Even if they win the lawsuit to get the flour, someone will still need to pay money to get it.)

That raises an age-old question: Why do some people have money and others don’t?

Who makes the decisions about what each of us can and cannot possess? It seems as though having money is a birth accident. You have a chance to accumulate this coveted symbol of wealth because you were born in a contemporary western nation. Your chances are zero if you are born in some third-world shithole, unless you are, of course, the child of a wealthy parent.

Returning to the puzzle, how did we develop such a strong dependence on a material object that we find it impossible to live without?

It began as a way to simply and easily value a commodity, such as a cow, for trade purposes. what transpired after that? Is it possible that it was initially used by some cunning nobility to enslave the populace? After all, as you may have noticed, we are all slaves to money in today’s society.

Go ahead and attempt to get by without money. Even a backwoodsman must sell his pelts for salt because it is expensive.

Why do you have to work? Because you need money to buy milk and pay your rent. You will be evicted if you don’t work and pay your rent. death by starvation if there is no money or milk. We are enslaved by our jobs or whatever it is we must do to obtain financial security. The person with the means to pay you money for any reason is your slave’s master.

We won’t ever be free as long as we are held captive by money.

Money, money, money I don’t necessarily believe that thou art holy—what the hell is going on here, anyway? Just how ignorant are we?

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