A Dicing Expert In A Machine: Robot Coupe Dicing Kit

The benefits of purchasing a Robot Coupe Dicing Kit

A large variety of fruits and vegetables, including carrots, potatoes, onions, and celery to name a few, will be quickly and easily diced by the Robot Coupe Dicing Kit. With continuous high speed performance, cutting, slicing, and grating can be done for hours. If done by one person, these tasks typically take a lot longer. The stress you experience while cooking in the kitchen will therefore be reduced thanks to this. They are extraordinarily sturdy, long-lasting, and cleanably. Every chef’s attention has been riveted by the excellence and brilliance of these. They are the ideal treat for the restaurant industry, institutions, schools, colleges, delicatessens, and caterers and are made to save space. Robot Coupe creates numerous models that range in size and functionality.

Here is a synopsis on the Robot Coupe 27265 3/8″ *3/8″

The Robot Coupe 27265 3/8″ * 3/8″ Dicing Kit lets you dice 3/8″ * 3/8″ (10mm*10mm) cubes with ease. This kit comes with a 3/8″ slicer plate to cut the product to length. In conjunction with the dicer grid, it produces consistently perfect dice cubes.

A 3/8″ dicing grid works with the slicer plate to form the product into small cubes for use in soups, salads, and other recipes.

This kit is intended for use with R2 Dice series processors, which were created specifically to accept both this kit and other conventional food processor discs.

Other Dicing Kit models exist as well, and they are all highly regarded, reliable, and ideal for every chef’s food preparation procedure. 28112, Robot coupe 27290, 28111, 28110, 28181, 28179, and many more are a few of them. Each Dicing Kit is specifically designed to perform a single task, which saves you time and labor by dicing, slicing, and grating fruits and vegetables.

You can rely on Robot Coupe OEM Parts to maintain your kitchen appliances.

Only use genuine OEM replacement parts to repair your equipment if it develops a problem. They are very dependable and highly effective. The best parts on the market are always OEM parts. You can extend the useful operational life of your kitchen equipment by installing them. As long as the equipment’s durability is not compromised, you won’t need to go in for frequent repairs. Robot Coupe OEM Parts include, but are not limited to, food processor parts, food slicer parts, mixer parts, replacement blades, dicing kits, grating plates, pin assemblies, handles, pusher assemblies, mixing bowls, and many more.

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