Car Steam Wash

Using steam vapor to clean a car’s exterior and interior is known as a “steam car wash.” Due to its efficiency and sanitizing power, steam has been a crucial part of the cleaning industry for decades. The use of steam in the car wash industry is increasing every day.

The steam produced by the Steamer is hot enough to remove all grease and soil, produces enough pressure to disintegrate dirt, and is gentle enough not to harm the surface. The Steamer thoroughly cleans your car in less time than a traditional car wash while also sanitizing the interior and refinishing greasy engine parts. When compared to a pressure washer, it can even access the smallest fittings and spaces that are otherwise impossible to access.

We offer a wide range of accessories to go with your car wash, including extended length hoses, guns, brushes for tough dirt, and spray bottles for wax and extra shine.

Why use steam cleaning?

A new generation of car washes uses steam. Your car is washed from every angle and from difficult-to-reach corners.

We heartily advise using a car steam wash because it will thoroughly clean and sanitize your vehicle. Dry vapor steam’s sanitizing properties reduce the need for chemicals, significantly lowering the amount of hazardous residue that might end up in our storm drains. And the primary goal is to conserve water because, as is well known, water use is declining significantly. So, it should be required of us all to consider it and take action in that area. I discovered that people waste 100 liters or more of water to wash just one car. Everyone washes their car frequently, and washing a car requires a lot of water. However, you can wash your car using just 20 liters of water with this car steam wash. Imagine the amount of water that is saved by using a car steam wash.

You’ll save money by not purchasing a storage tank because there won’t be much wastewater to clean up, and you’ll stay out of trouble with the law by not breaking the rules and paying hefty fines. Additionally, you will save money from not purchasing chemical products as frequently if you use fewer chemical cleaners. environmentally friendly and long-term economical.

Cleaning Application:-

Clean Engine Safely

Clean interiors, exteriors, engine compartments, door jams, floor mats, tires, trunks, upholstery, wheel wells, and hard to reach nooks and crannies

Remove stains from exterior in less time and using less water than an extractor

Chemical-free sanitation

Remove, dirt, scratch and grease

Deodorize and sterilize surfaces

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