Do You Get What You Pay For With Luxury Car Prices?

You’ve therefore decided that a new vehicle is necessary. The best time of year for auto dealers is toward the end of the summer. Auto dealers are eager to win your business as new car models are released, bargain hunters are looking for recent lease trade-ins, the weather is lovely, and new car models are coming out.

There is a good chance that you want a car that is technically out of your price range if you are like the majority of people in a capitalist society. Some people don’t really care about cars; they just use them to get to and from work, the grocery store, and other destinations.

There are a lot of car enthusiasts who see their vehicle as an extension of who they are. They love to drive, they value fine craftsmanship, and they might prefer to live in a studio apartment and drive a brand-new BMW. Of course, there are also the fortunate few who are exempt from having to check price tags, but neither you nor I fall into that category.

The decision to buy a car is a major one that is fraught with emotion. Sitting in a new car releases the brain chemicals oxytocin and serotonin, which are released when you are happy or in love. Because they are aware of this, automakers spend a lot of money to make you think, “I have to have it.” It’s challenging to develop the capacity to prioritize logic over emotion. If you’ve ever visited a casino, you can understand.

Money was easy to come by in the tech sector at the end of the 1990s., The U.S. population’s collective consciousness and the Internet were both doing a respectable job of streaming media. changed. Things that had previously been dismissed as being reserved for the wealthy now appeared to be attainable. Before the credit crisis, we were told; “Hey, if you can’t pay now, just pay later!”. You already know where that led.

The auto industry was equally adept at persuading people to live beyond their means as the housing industry was, and car salesmen are frequently referred to as “predatory” just like mortgage brokers. You probably had a nice car if you lived in a lovely home. On the other hand, people assumed you had a beautiful home if you drove a nice car. achievement of project goals, etc.

Enough with the psychology and history; you want to purchase a vehicle, even if you are fully aware of your needs and financial capabilities. You might leave with something completely different if you are uneducated and lack steely nerves. Once more, this is not an article about how to negotiate; that will be in a different one. A few very basic but significant facts about luxury cars are covered in this article.

Just because a car is German doesn’t guarantee it won’t break down; there are some expensive luxury vehicles with terrible service histories. Luxury or not, Japan is producing some high-end luxury vehicles that compete with high-end German, Italian, and British automobiles while maintaining the dependability we expect from a Japanese vehicle.

I spent many hours test driving, haggling, and annoying my wife while trying to decide whether I wanted to buy new or used, luxurious or boring. I finally acquired a brand-new 2015 Mercedes. I’m glad I did, and here are some things I learned along the way.

A so-called luxury car purchase is an expense well worth it. While prestige is a component of the package, it is not the only one. Here are five explanations of why purchasing a luxury vehicle is worthwhile.


Luxury vehicles frequently have more safety features than their standard counterparts, which leads to better crash test results. In fact, over half of the cars selected by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety as top choices for superior safety cost more than $30,000. Along with a slew of other standard safety features, Acura 2017 models will come equipped with blind spot information, a navigation system with a 3D view, and SIRI eyes free.

exceptional clientele.

The owners of the cars are cared for by luxury dealerships as well. The benefits of doing business with such a dealership include loaner cars, extended warranties, roadside assistance, and special discounts and offers. Luxury dealerships aim to create lifelong customers rather than the short-term sales of the majority of standard dealerships.

State of the art technology.

The best security and entertainment technology have traditionally been found in luxury vehicles. Long before they become available to the general public, these features first appear in luxury vehicles. In the Acura 2017 models, you can get everything from 18″ aluminum wheels and pedals, 8-speed dual clutch transmission, Jewel Eye LED headlights, iPod interface, and at least a 5″ display.

Comfort and Beauty.

Whether they are driving cross-country or just to the grocery store, owners of luxury cars appreciate the increased comfort and interior of their vehicles. For instance, the 2017 Acura RDX is more opulent than ever. In order to provide more space for passengers and storage, the cabin has been redesigned. In addition to being incredibly cozy, heated leather seats have a new, contemporary, sleek design. What better way to get to work after a long day?

Resale Value.

Acura has been named the top Luxury brand by in its Best Retained Value Awards for the fourth consecutive year. For instance, Acura is expected to have a five-year residual value of 46.9% in 2015.

While a brand new car may not be the best idea, there is something about buying something that no one else has owned. I’ll be considerate and assume that you are immune to the “cool factor.”‘ Perhaps you’ve decided that your spending limit will allow you to purchase either a pre-owned luxury vehicle or a new mid-range vehicle. Choosing a used car can be challenging in this situation, so you must conduct extensive research on its precise make, model, and year. If the vehicle was produced within the last ten years, it probably contains computer chips and needs maintenance that is far beyond the capabilities of a driveway mechanic.

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