Credit Repair Software – Boosting Your Credit Repair Activities

It’s crazy.

You must agree that you have a greater interest in improving your credit than anyone else. But what does that indicate about the success rates of self-credit repair initiatives? The majority of DIY credit repair projects, in my opinion—at least 65%—are abandoned after the first month of work.

A good piece of credit repair software has all of the solutions I’ll present to you for these challenges, which are a couple of the main factors that contribute to this trend.

1. Credit repair requires incredible organization

Lack of organization skills is one of the main reasons why people may give up after the first month of efforts. You will probably have all three credit reports—from Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union—available at once when you begin the credit repair process. You can clearly see what needs to be done in order to get things started. The credit bureaus will, however, give you updates in response to your problems over the course of the following 30 days. The answers may be numerous and unclear in their specificity.

Since there are so many communications occurring at various times, it’s easy to lose track of what to do next. Its extremely common to take no action when you get a few updates that “promise” more updates in a few days, to then procrastinate and plan to action them when all the other updates come in. This is where people frequently fail themselves.

Knowing exactly what to do and when to do it is crucial, so make sure your action plan is crystal clear. That’s one thing I liked about “Bad Credit Eraser Software” that a credit attorney put together. He included a special calendar function that will automatically remind you what to do on the day you should be expecting something from the credit bureaus or a creditor.

This feature is really cool, and I always use it.

2. Credit repair requires extremely tedious tasks

You just shook your head vigorously in agreement if you’ve ever tried to fix your credit. The process of ordering reports, reviewing each trade-line, on each report with a fine-tooth-comb, writing letters of dispute and challenge to each bureau directly, and getting them all mailed out “snail mail” with return receipt requested, etc. It takes a lot of time and is tedious. It’s understandable why so few people persist after making an effort for the first month… it’s not a glamorized task!

With credit repair software, you can automate all the tedious work and finish it in minutes as opposed to hours. It is so rewarding to keep up your efforts because it lowers your level of frustration and produces such potent results. For instance, it is invaluable to be able to load your accounts into a program like Bad Credit Eraser and literally point and click a few buttons to generate updated dispute letters instantly.

The writing of letters may take the longest amount of time. Your monthly time investment in credit repair is reduced from hours or days to minutes because you can create and print out your updated letters in just a few short seconds.

You’re missing out and, to be honest, endangering your chances of success if you don’t use a potent credit repair software to finish your efforts. You should immediately download a reliable piece of software. In the next hour or so, you can have your credit repair efforts fully automated and set up.

To your success!

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