How to Drive a Car in Pubg Mobile

riving in Like real driving, playing PUBG Mobile is simple to pick up but challenging to master. Take caution when steering because the way different types of vehicles handle can vary greatly. Simply put, not every car is created equally.

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PUBG Mobile – Vehicle Tips

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From the developers of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and PUBG Mobile, this page offers PUBG tips and strategies for using vehicles and driving.

PUBG Mobile Survival Guide – Vehicle and Driving Tips


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This is the second article in our PUBG Mobile survival guide series. The previous week, we gave you some advice on how to get through the game’s tense opening sequences. Welcome back to Driver’s Ed, everybody. This week is everyone’s favorite flop-sweat infested nightmare. Let’s go over a few battle royale road regulations.

Find the Right Car

The majority of the vehicles in PUBG Mobile are damaged and abandoned, making them unusable for driving. So that you don’t waste time, learn the visual profiles of the driveable vehicles.

Situations that call for particular vehicles. Although they can handle well and move quickly, motorcycles and dune buggies expose the driver and passengers to more enemy fire. Though more dangerous inside, more armored vehicles like the VW Bus and Jeep keep the occupants inside safer… other ways.

Hands at 10 and 2

It’s simple to pick up the controls in PUBG, but it takes practice to become proficient. Take caution when steering because the way different types of vehicles handle can vary greatly. Simply put, not all automobiles are created equal.

You will end up flying because PUBG’s physics engine can make your car respond to bumpy, unstable terrain in a realistic way. For a (usually) smoother ride if you have trouble with bumps, stay within the lines and stay on the road. To make quicker, more precise direction changes while driving, try tapping the arrow buttons. A quick 180 degree turn is required. Give it the proverbial thumbs down.

Deer in the Headlights

Normally, you would follow your better judgment and refrain from running someone over. Contrarily, doing so in PUBG will result in a quick and simple kill if you hit another player with your car.

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