Everything you need to know about vehicle wrapping

Creative marketing and advertising is the way that large, medium and small businesses seek to make their mark in a highly competitive marketplace of products and services. As a result, vehicle wraps can be a very creative way to attract consumer attention.

Why dress up a vehicle?

Vehicle wrapping is a very common service in the world, not only to promote the image of a company, but also to decorate or customize any car, for example in the tuning market.

Today, it is possible to dress up any type of car and bodywork. However, it is important to follow the care and maintenance instructions of both the vinyl manufacturer and the printer to ensure durability. Digital printing such as https://www.caprofilm.com/592-imprimante-uv allows for the highest quality images to be printed in higher resolutions, especially for advertising applications.

Vehicle wrapping method

There are two different ways to dress up a vehicle, either with adhesive cut vinyl or with digitally printed vinyl to match the body. The former is recommended for simple, low-tech designs to give the body a new color.

The second combines a wide range of colors, textures, fluorescent tones, with chromatic ranges and the use of images complemented by unique and eye-catching patterns. Its popularity is focused on the commercial and advertising sector, where eloquent and representative images attract more attention than colors and shapes.

For windows, micro-perforated vinyl is the option of choice. It allows you to display a unique image on the outside, without weakening or blocking the visibility from inside the car. Tinted vinyl is specially designed to protect from the sun and improve the thermal sensation inside the vehicle.

Digital printing process for car wrapping

The printing process for vehicle wraps requires certain factors to achieve better quality:

The design of the images and lettering with the appearance of the car.

The quality of the vinyl and the ink printed on it.

The machine or device that prints the vinyl.

The cutting of the parts to be affixed.

The expertise of the vehicle wrapping company.

Depending on the thickness and color used, the car lettering will have great durability, while protecting the original body paint from natural surface wear and sun exposure during the summer season.

The entire digital printing process starts with the design of the vinyl film, which can be developed by the customer himself, or by the workshop. The choice of the best printing method and ink type is a common decision. The same goes for the appropriate material depending on the chosen colors and the size or shape of the car. You can choose between matte, glossy, satin, transparent, reflective, static or removable stickers, all depending on the needs.

It is also important to follow the recommendations of the vinyl manufacturer and the ink developer, not only when applying the vinyl, but also when it comes to UV exposure or when cleaning the car.

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