How to Fix Your PSP Screen

Nothing is more annoying than a cracked screen on your PSP. Sony does not provide warranty coverage for this, and the repair will set you back more than $150 US, not including shipping and taxes. The glass LCD on the PSP screen is very delicate. LCD screens are easily damaged by pressure and are sensitive to temperature changes. The good news is that there are lots of preventative measures you can take to keep your PS3 in top condition and keep the screen from breaking or the device itself from getting harmed.

For starters;

1) Never leave the PS3 in a situation where it will experience extreme temperature changes, such as leaving it in the glove box in the winter or in full sunlight in the summer.

2) Avoid touching the screen at all costs, as doing so will only cause the oils from your skin and your fingerprints to smear across it. These oils are a little trickier to get rid of, and when you try to clean the screen with too much pressure, you frequently end up actually cracking the screen.

3) Use extra caution when applying screen protectors – the process of applying the protector can cause a crack in the screen when you are applying pressure to adhere the protector

4) incorrect storage case – some storage cases come with additional compartments for games and accessories – always make sure that there is no pressure being applied to the screen while it is in the case.

You DO have some options that won’t set you back a fortune if you’re one of the millions of people with a cracked or dead-pixel-covered PSP screen. Although the PSP screen itself cannot be fixed, it can be changed. A metal frame, a metal psp lcd, and two tiny ribbon cables make up the psp lcd assembly. The lcd kit itself is made up of all of these.

A steady hand and some very delicate tools are needed to replace the LCD kit. To begin with, take your time and read as many of the instructions as you can.

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