Advice on Shipping a Car Within the USA

Do you need to transport a car far away? If so, there are a few things you should be aware of to make the procedure simple. For advice on transporting a vehicle across state or city borders, keep reading.

If you are flying to your final destination, you almost certainly need vehicle shipping, whether you are moving for work, lending a car to a family member, or simply moving far away because of an opportunity. You must perform a particular set of steps in order to accomplish this.

Hire a Professional Long-Distance Towing Company

Finding a reliable towing service to transport your car for you is the first step in shipping it across city or state boundaries. Make sure the tow truck company you hire is certified, insured, and has a long history of handling all types of towing. Along with maintaining the appropriate fleet of trucks and the most modern transportation tools, they should also follow all accepted industry standards for long-distance towing. This will give you peace of mind knowing that your car or truck is being transported skillfully and safely. You can also anticipate a prompt delivery as a result.

Prepare Your Vehicle for Transport

The next action you should take is to get your car ready for the journey. Start by decluttering the car’s interior and taking out any personal items. A car alarm system should also be turned off. Once the interior is complete, make an appointment at your go-to auto repair shop for routine maintenance.

They will examine all braking systems (parking, emergency, etc.), adjust tire inflation, and check all fluid levels.), charge the battery, and more; overall, they will make sure that your vehicle is in good condition. This way, once it gets to its new home, you’ll know it will be prepared to drive. Take your car to a car wash after it has been serviced to have the exterior cleaned and waxed. For the following step, this is crucial.

NOTE: The license plate does not need to be taken off, but make sure the screws are secure and intact.

Make Records for Your Own Protection

Take a ton of photos and even a few videos to confirm your vehicle’s condition before the trip to avoid exposing yourself or the transportation company to liability. If a scratch or ding is disputed by either party, this can be used as proof. Including existing scratches, nicks, paint chips, dings, dents, rust, and more, take pictures of any minor and significant flaws along the surface. Even the numbers on your car’s odometer should be recorded.

NOTE: Since you recently had the vehicle professionally serviced, you won’t need to worry about recording fluid leaks or internal damage.

Once you’ve finished keeping track of everything, get in touch with your auto insurance provider to go over the limits of your policy. You should be aware of whether your car is protected both during transit and once it gets to the new location.

Disclose Important Information to Your Driver

Make sure you give the towing company all the information they require to pick up your car safely when they arrive to collect it. Any mechanical issues or flaws, no matter how small, should be reported to them. If your vehicle has trouble with its parking or emergency brakes, it is especially crucial to let them know. You can even give the driver written car handling instructions if your vehicle is in a risky situation or is extremely delicate.

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