Improved Performance and Durability in New Kenworth Trucks


The T680 is a model that is renowned for being fuel-efficient. With a gallon of fuel, this truck can travel as far as possible. The car is made to enhance the drivers’ general driving abilities. PACCAR powertrain serves as the T680’s engine. It uses cutting-edge manufacturing techniques to create a fuel-efficient truck. In addition, the engine and other components are lightweight, making it simple to repair them when necessary. It is available in a variety of configurations, including one with a proprietary 40K tandem axle and a 12-speed automated transmission. All of these are built to operate effectively and affordably. Additionally, they are trustworthy and strong.

Icon 900

These trucks are produced in limited quantities to reflect the owner’s pride in them. The effectiveness and performance are not diminished as a result. The manufacturer’s location is where all accessory packages are installed. The Silver Kenworth Bug badges are placed on the hood, dash, door panels, and glove box of the truck.


The T660 is yet another example of how adaptable the new Kenworth trucks are. It can be utilized as a delivery truck, pick-up truck, regional haul, and line haul. This is one of the conventional trucks with the highest standards of fuel efficiency. The T660 is the best option for anyone seeking comfort, freedom from restrictions, and a clear sense of direction.


The C500 from Kenworth is intended for off-road applications where maximum durability is required. In comparison to the other pickups from the manufacturer, this hardworking, tough, and rugged truck is renowned for its functionality. This truck now comes in more cab configurations and has two new hoods. Additionally, the manufacturer’s more powerful cooling module is a selling point for the truck. Users looking for a truck that can be maneuvered and used for a variety of operations will find the wagon to be ideal. This day cab is more adaptable than any other on the market thanks to its notable headroom options.


Even though a new range of trucks has been released, traditional packages never lose their appeal. The best package is the standard one that includes the majority of the essential new technologies. In the W900, which comes with the conventional package, toughness, performance, and driver satisfaction are never compromised. The truck will successfully complete any task that needs to be done. This model provides all the necessary comfort for the drivers, and the W900 is the best option for all applications where payload is important.

One can enjoy high performance at low operational costs with the new Kenworth trucks. For every model, this is true.

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