Insurance fraud involving workers’ compensation

Four True Outlandish Cases

Rocking Fraud

A man who was receiving disability payments from the organization where he had previously worked admitted his guilt after being revealed to be the performing frontman of a traveling rock band. For an alleged arm injury he claimed to have sustained while working for the association, the charlatan had received over $30,000 in disability payments. The man’s “injured arm” did not stop him from touring the nation with his band.

Crooked Dealings

He worked as a corporation’s CEO. Then, it was discovered that he had been responsible for a multi-million dollar insurance scheme involving injured workers. He co-founded a lotion with fifteen other people, then paid physicians about $25,000,000 to recommend it to workers’ compensation recipients. There were tragically also casualties. One mother who used the cream put her infant’s mouth in contact with a finger that had cream residue on it, which caused the infant’s death. The man who orchestrated it was accused of manslaughter in addition to fraud.

Jailed Pain

Maybe there was never a time when sitting in jail hurt as much as this one. In order to obtain pain medication illegally, a homeowner in Washington State made fifty-one vehicle stops at various hospital ERs and ER clinics. The man would show up at the medical facility and claim to have been hurt while working at a different job. Meanwhile, he would use a false social security number and adopt a different identity, leaving the medical facilities with almost $150,000 in unpaid workers’ compensation bills. The man received a sentence of at least two years in prison.

Dancing to Prison?

A dancer who suffered an injury while working earned more than $51,000 in disability insurance payments. As he advanced up the career ladder and eventually earned a lead dancing position, the man continued to accept the rewards. He also used false identities while working as a supporting dancer in a well-known production.

Bike and Fall

Due to the exaggeration of the true extent of his injury, a former employee was found guilty of workers’ compensation fraud. The man claimed that while on campus patrol for the college where he worked, he was injured while riding his bike. He first claimed that he injured his right leg after falling off his bike after colliding with a cantaloupe that was rolling. He later changed his story after speaking with his attorney, relating one about further harm to his back, hips, and other leg. The medical information proved that he was lying.

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