Outstanding Criminal Defense Attorney in Hempstead

You Need Someone on Your Side

It’s crucial to know how to approach a criminal defense whether you’ve been accused of a crime for which you are responsible, you believe you were the victim of overreacting police, or you had misconstrued interactions with others. Without legal counsel, this is undoubtedly something you shouldn’t handle on your own. Bring a supporter to the Hempstead courthouse who will advocate for you and your interests, ensuring the best outcome possible.

A Mindset Change

Public defenders are frequently approaching your case with your guilt in mind, even though many people who are accused of a crime will turn to them for the guidance and representation they require. Most often, public defenders only ask to set up a plea deal so that they can offer you a lesser punishment for the charges you are facing. It is rare to find a public defender who is arguing a case for innocence or dismissal. If you know you are not guilty of the charges against you or if the charges are extremely serious, this won’t help you at all.

The Justice Belief

You need a lawyer who first believes you are innocent if you want a criminal defense that is just, gives you a voice, and might lead to the outcome you want. Because the attorney defending you doesn’t think that justice is blind or that someone is innocent until proven guilty, your guilt is frequently determined before you even appear in court. At Monteleone & Siegel PLLC, your defense will be handled differently. To give you a chance, this group will support you in the Hempstead court.

Building Your Defense

When you are accused of a crime, it’s critical that your side of the story be heard. Even if your side of the story proves that you are guilty, having your mindset understood and the reasons you felt the way you did presented in court may result in a sentence that is more lenient than if you were unable to tell your side of the story. When you select the best attorney to represent you, you’ll benefit from having your voice heard when it comes time to address the judge and present your case.

An Equal Chance

When you are in front of a judge, all you can ask for is an equal opportunity to be heard, understood, and represented. This entails having a criminal defense attorney who also believes in your innocence. Let the staff at Monteleone & Siegel PLLC make your case and demonstrate your innocence of the charges against you. This team will support you in the Hempstead courtroom and fight to achieve the outcome that is best for you. Let a team that supports you speak up for you in court rather than leaving your future in the hands of the public defender.

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