The ABCs of Avoiding Car Burglaries

“I can still clearly recall pulling into my driveway after hours to find my teenage son’s car door wide open. An acquaintance of mine, who ironically worked as an insurance agent in a car insurance agency, recalled that a man scampered out of the car empty-handed and sprinted down the blog, losing one clog in his wild escape, before I could even reprimand my daughter in my mind for being so careless.

“It was clear that the trespasser had tried to rob my daughter of any valuables she had left in the car. The girl fortunately left a door open for him. He was unfortunate because I pulled up and stopped him before he could actually cause any harm.

“My midnight encounter with this car thief underscores so boldly how each of us needs to be proactive about preventing car break-ins,” continued my insurance pal.

The two main things that any car owner or driver needs to be careful about are making sure that no door, window, or sun roof is left open and unlocked, and that you never leave your car running while the keys are in the ignition.

Then there are the additional considerations that drivers or car owners must make.

According to insurance companies, the majority of car break-ins are committed by irrational criminals unrelated to complex crimes. They act impulsively after seeing something they want while looking into a car.

They are more likely to try to steal things if the car is unlocked because it is an easy target.

Phones, wallets, purses, shopping bags, computers, electronics, coins and change, and keys are examples of items that you shouldn’t leave lying around in plain sight inside your car.

Additionally, drivers ought to make an effort to park in highly trafficked areas that are well-lit and accessible to both vehicles and people. Drivers should choose a parking lot with a parking attendant on duty to deter car thieves.

It might be a good idea to start a community watch in your neighborhood if one doesn’t already exist to help the police department thwart criminal activity.

Studies show there is less of a crime rate where designated crime stoppers are on the look-out


Place valuables inside the trunk of your car before you park it. Prior to arriving at your parking spot destination, move the items to make sure a potential thief cannot see you while you are doing it.

Even though any of these measures is a good way to stop a break-in, thefts can still happen. For this reason, it is advisable to discuss your unique requirements in relation to an appropriate auto policy with an experienced independent insurance agency.

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